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Groundwork: Community Spirit

Here’s the thing and it took me some time to realise. Took a lot of loneliness. Took being told no. Took you can’t do this and, worst of all, you’re on your own. That’s the worst one. Because most of the time it’s a voice in your head that says it. “You’re on your own.”…

By William Hollis November 17, 2019 2

Dracula: The First Modern Vampire

Stories of blood-sucking monsters are universal and have been around for centuries. There’s the Greek lamiae, the Chinese jiangshi, the African asanbosam, and the Australian yah-mah-ya-who to name a few. But let’s focus on the one who has outlived them all, whose monstrous legend lives among us even today—Count Dracula. The stories of blood-sucking monsters…

By William Hollis November 17, 2019 0