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The Origin Of Evil: The Devil

You might not be religious, but you’ve likely had to deal with a fair bit of Satan in your life. The pesky devil has shown up on the shoulders of cartoon characters, acting as a counterweight to a good decision that appears as an angel on another shoulder. He’s starred in numerous movies, getting into…

By William Hollis November 10, 2019 20

I Can See Angels & Demons! | Don Paul

Sid: My guest can see into the invisible realm. He’s seen demons, he’s seen angels. He’s prayed for people with cancer, AIDS, and they’ve been healed. Next on this edition of “It’s Supernatural!” [music] Centuries have come and gone offering wisdom and understanding throughout the ages. Today there should be nothing beyond one’s power to…

By William Hollis October 30, 2019 100

Types of Demons

From a demon who will enter your head and falsely make you change all your beliefs to a demon that will possess your entire body and make you do nasty, really horrible things. Today on Facts Base we look at Types of Demons. As this video is based on different types of demons individually and…

By William Hollis October 30, 2019 100