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Do You Believe in Ghost Frogs?

(dramatic music) – [Mark] In the rainforest of Costa Rica lives a ghost. One that we have been chasing for many years. Yet, it has alluded us time and again. But tonight, that’s all about to change. Hear that? Oh, guys! – [Mario] Oh, my God. (animal snarls) (dramatic percussive music) (animal roars) – Hey,…

By William Hollis November 4, 2019 100

Evil Spirit Rangers in Power Rangers Jungle Fury | Episodes 23 – 32 | Superheroes

(groaning in pain) (maniacal laughter) (dark foreboding music) (surprised gasping) They look like Power Rangers. (menacing growl) Let’s power up. Ready! Ready! [All] Jungle Beast, spirit unleashed! (Jungle Beast roaring) (battle ready screaming) Let’s go! (bass heavy action music) Jungle fans! (swords unsheathing) Shark sabers! (powerful striking clash) Casey! (evil laughter) They know every move…

By William Hollis October 23, 2019 100

The Spirit Collection

So you have to walk across campus and then you walk through a locked janitor’s closet and then you walk through a locked staircase that has a cage of wire around it and then you walk past some high powered electrical equipment and then you walk up some stairs and down some stairs and you…

By William Hollis October 15, 2019 0