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Bad Movie Review: Robo Vampire

Welcome back to my dark corner of this sick world ‘Turn it off!’ We’re looking at Robo vampire and don’t be fooled by the optimistic DVD case here’s the reality Looking less like Robocop and more like the low-budget silver cousin of Red Dwarf’s Kryten. Despite the title, he’s not a vampire. He’s fighting Chinese…

By William Hollis September 13, 2019 66

Beware The Horror Ghost

Oh Jesus! My God! (Screams) Oh Jesus! No, stop pushing them over like that They’re going to fall on the floor. Maybe we could find some glue or something to stick them to the ceiling with Good idea I thought I saw some glue in the next room. Oh no- he’s found us! We will…

By William Hollis September 9, 2019 3