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10 Creepy Real-Life Cases of Possession

– The idea of the paranormal or even demons has become something that we have associated with fiction because of movies. However, we often forget about the history of the paranormal, and when it comes to possessions, that many of the stories are actually based in real life. The following documented cases of possession are…

By William Hollis September 3, 2019 100

The Disturbing Thing Ghosts Could Be

Hey there! Welcome to Life Noggin! Spooky Edition! Psst, down here! We have to be really quiet. I think he’s right outside. Oh no! Uh…I’ll explain more soon! Phew! I think we’re all clear… at least for now. Okay, you’re probably all wondering what’s going on. Well, in honor of the spookiest time of the…

By William Hollis September 2, 2019 100

10 CREEPY Ghost Sightings Caught on Tape

Chills 10. “Ghost Jail”: A YouTuber named JunkedUpKitten and his friends are exploring an old county jail. They take a video camera with them so that they can make a parody of the “Ghost Hunters” television series. Little did the small group know that on this night they would accidentally capture actual evidence of real…

By William Hollis September 1, 2019 100