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12 Videos That Will Drop Your Jaw

These scary videos will drop your jaw. And after you’ve seen what I’ve seen, you’ll know why there’s no going back. 12. Three firefighters are trying to cut a hole in the roof to stick a firehose through when the weakened structure collapses underneath their feet. Directly under the letter J is where one of…

By William Hollis February 1, 2020 98

13 Paranormal Encounters Caught On Video

Some people witness paranormal events unintentionally. But a few others venture into haunted places risking their safety in order to find evidence of ghosts and other paranormal entities That is why in Incredible Countdown brings you: 13 Paranormal Encounters Caught On Video 13-Graveyard Youtuber Moxleys Crazy Adventures explores a haunted graveyard in hopes of catching…

By William Hollis January 27, 2020 1