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15 Mysterious Ghost Sightings Caught on Tape (#2)

Many personal reports of paranormal encounters start off as relatively mild at first, gradually becoming more intense until reaching the point of actual danger. In other words, flickering lights, running faucets, and missing items were often precursors to hauntings that, in these cases, became far more sinister. 15. “The Night Stalker”: This woman claims that…

By William Hollis September 4, 2019 100

10 CREEPY Ghost Sightings Caught on Tape

Chills 10. “Ghost Jail”: A YouTuber named JunkedUpKitten and his friends are exploring an old county jail. They take a video camera with them so that they can make a parody of the “Ghost Hunters” television series. Little did the small group know that on this night they would accidentally capture actual evidence of real…

By William Hollis September 1, 2019 100

Top 15 Most Scary Videos Caught In The Woods

15. Bear Encounter In the winter of 2012, this YouTuber was almost a goner when a mother black bear decided to charge at him, not once but twice. SpeedShooterXT was hunting in this Oregon forest when he encountered some bears nearby and began filming. The bear starts off by keeping her distance but ultimately begins…

By William Hollis August 29, 2019 0