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Top 15 Mysteries Solved By YouTubers

15. The Knife Throw: Every so often, a video will appear on YouTube that will blow people’s minds. In September 2013, a video appeared on YouTube showing a woman using ping pong paddles to block knives being thrown at her by a man, who was using a paddle to launch the knives at her. Then,…

By William Hollis August 16, 2019 0

Top 15 Scary Paranormal Mysteries At Schools

15. Pocatello “Poky” High School If the name “Poky” High School isn’t creepy enough, wait until you hear what happens inside this most haunted of schools. Security surveillance cameras are to thank for the eerie recordings of the paranormal events at the high school in Pocatello, Idaho. Paranormal activity was caught in full effect during…

By William Hollis August 12, 2019 100