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Top 15 Mysteries Solved By YouTubers

15. The Knife Throw: Every so often, a video will appear on YouTube that will blow people’s minds. In September 2013, a video appeared on YouTube showing a woman using ping pong paddles to block knives being thrown at her by a man, who was using a paddle to launch the knives at her. Then,…

By William Hollis August 16, 2019 0

7 Scary Unsolved Paranormal Events

7. “Skeletor”: The Hampton Court Palace in London is home to a well-known apparition named Skeletor, a genderless figure whose identity and intentions remain unknown to this day. In 2003, security guards stormed the palace after their fire alarm system showed a major breach near the exhibit hall; someone had flung open the fire doors,…

By William Hollis August 13, 2019 100