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COD10 Ghosts: LagComp Review

I have released this networking review quite early; please be aware some of the information contained herein may change as the developers are still working on the game. Should that happen, updates will be provided in the annotations and video description. Now then, is the networking component of Call of Duty Ghosts flawed? First it…

By William Hollis February 29, 2020 3

LGR Oddware – Demon Destroyer Gunn

[typing] [music] Greetings and welcome to LGR Oddware where we’re taking a look at hardware and software that’s odd, forgotten, obsolete… and is the DEMON GUNN! The Demon Gunn… with two N’s! Oh, yeah, sorry, the Demon… Destroyer Gunn-na-na. “Armament for the 21st Century.” Bwwww… Well, this is “gunna” be fun! First up, I have…

By William Hollis November 15, 2019 0