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Are Ghosts Real? • Debatable

– There’s a world of evidence, both scientistic, and by scientific– – No, no, no, you can’t say scientific. It’s not scientific! – There’s a world of evidence, both hard and anecdotal and by hard– – You can’t even say hard. – I can say hard! – It’s soft. – Nah, it’s rock hard. –…

By William Hollis November 17, 2019 100

Top 5 Kids Who Were Possessed By Demons

With next months release of the new american horror flick, The Prodigy — about a young boy possessed by a supernatural entity — we thought what better time to gift you with a list of demonic kids than right now on Top 5 Scary Videos. Hey guys, welcome back, I’m your host Lucy McPhee and…

By William Hollis November 10, 2019 0