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NINGEN: video evidence

The story of the Ningen was born when a team of Japanese scientists traveled to [antarctica] to research whales The expedition encountered a massive unknown aquatic creature in the Icy waters The creature was as white as snow Other than its colossal size They claimed its body structure was almost humanoid in form thus the…

By William Hollis September 2, 2019 100

10 Famous Paranormal Events Debunked

10 Famous Paranormal Events Debunked 10. Alien Autopsy In 1995, Fox wanted to capitalise off the popularity of The X-Files and the country’s fascination with all things alien. From British TV producer Ray Santilli, they purchased a grainy 17 minute video, of men in hazmat suits performing an autopsy on an alien creature. Their show…

By William Hollis August 13, 2019 100