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Scary Fun and Games at The Sportsman Inn | Ghost Dimension | S03 E06 | Free Documentary Paranormal

(eerie echoing) – [Bex] In this area, we investigate tonight, it is reported that hundreds of bodies ascended from their graves directly towards heaven. (thundering) (scraping metal) (mumbling) (crackling sounds with eerie music) We enter this world knowing only life, yet death awaits us all. (haunting breathing) Using some of the most up to date…

By William Hollis November 20, 2019 0

Top 10 Superheroes Who Hooked Up With Demons

Not all antagonistic threats in comics derive from human origin; that’s part of what makes the medium so fantastical. There’s elements of sci fi, with extra terrestrial enemies popping up from time to time, cosmic stories, stories with major pulp roots, and of course, narratives and characters steeped within the horror genre. So yes, from…

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Yah HAH *chuckle* EY Yah.. BREAK Demons in my head they make me feel so fucking messy, ay Step into my mind they gonna make you turn depressive, ay Gonna rule the world that’s why I’m so fucking aggressive, ay I won’t let you in my way you ain’t gon go surpress me, ay Yah…

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