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SCP-3665 Instant demon, just add blood! | Object class safe | ritual / liquid / container scp

SCP-3665 Instant Demon, Just Add Blood object class: Safe Item #: SCP-3665 Object Class: Safe Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3665 is to be contained in a standard Safe Class locker in Site-19. In the event that the packaged ‘Imitation Blood’ contained within SCP-3665 runs out, blood obtained from D-Class personnel may be used. During testing, research…

By William Hollis March 12, 2020 38

Angels and Demons (Aquinas 101)

The Catholic church firmly teaches the existence of angels, both good and bad ones. The primary reason for teaching this, is that God has revealed this truth to us in the Sacred Scriptures. Let’s be clear, there is a vast body of experience among human beings that corroborates the existence of angels and demons. But…

By William Hollis March 2, 2020 26

Bob Larson: Can a Christian have a demon?

the church world likes things to be orderly precise and very theologically simple and explainable when you deal with the supernatural you’re in a realm you can’t always explain what’s going on you may not always have a Bible verse ready instantly for what’s happening and you encounter things for which there aren’t always quick…

By William Hollis March 1, 2020 16