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Elizabeth Bathory, The Living Vampire | Countess Dracula (Blood Countess) Of Hungarian History

Elizabeth Báthory, the blood countess, the living vampire, the renowned countess dracula. No, she’s not the red-eyed, superhuman or undead vampire you see in today’s movies, but yes, she delighted in drinking the blood of her murdered victims, believing it keeps her young and vibrant. Known throughout the world as the most prolific female murderer,…

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History of Vampires

– [Narrator] From the faded pages of a novel, to the dark corners of a theater, vampires have crept into our imaginations filling us with fear, lust, envy. – Well, of all the monsters, (cape rustling) the vampire is the one who comes to us with an aura of glamor. – I am Dracula. (dramatic…

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VAMPIRE (2017 Short Film) COMEDY

For centuries of years, disaster has crossed the world.It was a creature. A creature from the realm of the shadow world.The most evil creature in this world. People lived in fear. Because they knew exactly, they could be the next ones possessed by the evil. The name of which people are very afraid is Count…

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