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How Scream Should Have Ended

(ringing) Hello? Do you like scary movies? No, I’m more of a romantic comedy type person Goodbye forever. How Scream Should Have Ended There are certain rules that one must abide by in order to successfully survive a horror movie Rule #1: Have parents that care about you. Mom, Dad, can I go to a…

By William Hollis August 18, 2019 100

How Titanic Should Have Ended

Oy! Knock it off, you two!! If you keep making out like that, we’re not gonna notice if any icebergs get too close! Oh, bollocks! You see what you did?! How Titanic Should Have Ended Ahhh!! Ohhh!! (screaming) Jack, this is where we first met… Woman, we might die from this! I know, I just…

By William Hollis August 11, 2019 100

The Slender Games – HISHE

Hahahaha. We’re so gonna murder those tributes until its time for us to murder each other. You said it, hahah! Hey guys, check out this weird note I found! What note? Like a sponsor note? No, just this weird note, taped to these rocks we passed. Don’t look or it takes you. Well, thats weird.…

By William Hollis August 8, 2019 100