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The Vampire of Cinkota

Other than the fact that he killed at least 24 people, drained them of blood, pickled them in alcohol-filled metal drums and was never caught, there isn’t a lot to say about Bela Kiss- the Vampire of Cinkota… Kiss’ story begins in the town of Cinkota, Hungary (at the time about 7 miles or 11…

By William Hollis December 10, 2019 100

10 Scariest Places In Pakistan

Pakistan is a country filled with many places that will definitely inspire you and make you feel real good However, there’s some places that will leave even the locals totally freaked out and terrified so in this episode of FTD facts, I’m gonna be exploring ten of the scariest places in Pakistan, hey guys, what’s…

By William Hollis November 30, 2019 100