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The Ghost Pepper Challenge

– I’m gonna eat a Ghost Pepper. – And I can’t wait. ♪ (Theme music)♪ – Good mythical morning. – You may remember from a couple of weeks ago, a few weeks now, we did The Spicy Food Challenge which we went up the scoville scale, we ascended the scoville scale of heat -and because…

By William Hollis October 17, 2019 100

My friend Is A Ghost

Welcome Adam your time has finally come. Welcome to the gates. Uh my name is Keiji. Keiji? Who is Keiji huh? I don’t know a Keiji. I also don’t know a Keiji. Check, check, check, check the schedule There’s no Keiji. Ok Keiji, we might have made a mistake Doesn’t happen too often, but once…

By William Hollis October 16, 2019 100