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Baby Carrot: Return of the Demon

Come, my carrots! Let’s play catch! Come, carrots. Let’s get into the refrigerator. We’ll be safe there. I know what that was. Here’s my chance! I can end this carrot monster once and for all! Long time no see. How did you survive the carrot-e-chop? I mean actually, how? You do not know the full…

By William Hollis December 8, 2019 0

Ghost Caught by Dog Debunk

Greetings, children! You better keep your distance tonight ,because Captain Disillusion is angry! [softens tone]Alright, come on. I’m not really angry, come back. I’m more…disappointed. Disappointed in you, that’s right. Don’t cry. Sometimes it doesn’t seem to take any effort for someone to make you believe a hoax is real. No special effects. No testimony.…

By William Hollis December 5, 2019 75