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Ghosts ‘n Stuff Inc. Infomercial

[Blender running then suddenly stops] [Cheesy ghost sound effect] Don’t. Come on, man. [Sigh] Oh no. My place is haunted as shit. Help. Is your house and or business haunted? As shit? Then you’re watching the right commercial because we are Ghosts ‘n Stuff! [Felix delayed] Ghosts ‘n Stuff! God dammit, Felix. Nailed it. Using…

By William Hollis September 19, 2019 8

Is MoMA haunted? | GHOST STORIES

What we’re speaking about is not something that’s actually tangible. My personal experience with it was when I first arrived at MoMA years ago. It’s been more than two handfuls of years. When I first arrived, I had heard of the stories of the MoMA ghost if you will. MoMA being as old as it…

By William Hollis September 15, 2019 9

Το Στοιχειωμένο Σανατόριο Της Πάρνηθας…Haunted Sanatorium In Greece!!!

What G.P.S. does is highly dangerous.Minors and mentally or physically sensitive people are not to participate in ghost-hunting activities. A place considered to be so haunted that draws even the most skeptical visitors from all over greece ….that’s Xenias Mount Parnitha has 16 peaks exceeding 1000m and 43 peaks exceeding 700m in elevation. It’s highest…

By William Hollis September 10, 2019 42