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I’ve Joined UK Ghost Hunts

hi everyone thank you for joining me today I know I’ve been telling quite a few of you that I would be posting a video at some point in the future I’ve been saying this for about a year it’s just with the birth of my second child I’ve not really had much time to…

By William Hollis November 12, 2019 2

Hunting Ghosts with Ghosts N’at

I think an interest in the paranormal is something that probably everybody has because, like it or not, someday everybody’s gonna die. And I think the biggest question of life other than, “Why are we here?” is, “What’s next?” People have seen things They’ve gotten touched you know, you get that cold feeling on the…

By William Hollis November 7, 2019 0

Ghost Dating

I’m Octavia Freaky. Five years ago my wife died in a tragic figure skating accident. I thought I’d never love again and then I met Elidah, my ghost girlfriend. She taught me there’s so much more to love than our physical existence. Now it’s my mission to bring love to those who have given up…

By William Hollis November 4, 2019 0