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The Scariest Photographs of GHOSTS

(foreboding music) – Spirits, ghosts, and things that exist in a dimension beyond our own have frightened people for hundreds of years. Could it be possible that when we die, our spirits move on to another place? While some believe that, it would appear that some spirits are not ready to move on to another…

By William Hollis October 9, 2019 100

The 7 Creepiest REAL Ghost Photos of All Time

HYBRID LIBRARIAN Presenta… LAS 7 FOTOGRAFÍAS REALES DE FANTASMAS MÁS TERRORÍFICAS La mayoría de las fotografías de fantasmas son fácilmente descartadas por expertos, pero algunas los han asombrado por años… EL ESPECTRO DEL AYUNTAMIENTO DE ST. MARY’S El ayuntamiento de St. Mary’s es un edificio del S. XIV en Coventry, Reino Unido, que antes fue…

By William Hollis September 8, 2019 100

Why people think they see ghosts

If you believe the dead can return to haunt the living, you’re not alone. According to one poll, 45% of Americans believe in ghosts and 28% claim to actually have seen a ghost. They show up in our movies, I see dead people. books, and Bone Thugs-N-Harmony music videos. As far back as we can…

By William Hollis September 6, 2019 100