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10 Ghost Sightings Caught on LIVE TV

The following videos have been recorded live, making them much harder – if not impossible – to edit. Half of these people are just doing normal shows that have nothing to do with the spirit world until suddenly a ghost shows up, seemingly out of nowhere. 10. “Haunted Radio”: There’s not a lot of information…

By William Hollis October 17, 2019 100

18 Ghost Sightings Caught on Snapchat

Sometimes the strangest things can happen to us during the most ordinary of times. Every person on this list is convinced that they have captured something paranormal using the Snapchat app. Glitch or not, their thoughts and experiences have been recorded live for our analysis. 18. The person who uploaded this video, AceThugJr, is apparently…

By William Hollis October 8, 2019 0