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PARANORMAL OR NOT? 👻 Office Poltergeist Activity (Caught on Security Cam)(UNCUT HD 1080p)

this is the insurance company’s security cam footage from their Manchester England office building that captures poltergeist activity in the middle of the night now many other people had looked at this footage on their YouTube channels and attempted to debunk it it hasn’t been debunked conclusively but their husbands some compelling statements made that…

By William Hollis March 13, 2020 6

10 Most Believable Ghost Stories

Mom, Dad, are ghosts real? Many have claimed to witness and experience haunting supernatural phenomena, things unexplainable in the world of logic and reason. Call it a myth, urban legend, or a ghost story, no matter what you call it, apparitions are reported all over the world. So let’s get started with our list, of…

By William Hollis March 8, 2020 12