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Demon Lord

(The subtitles probably not 100% accurate because it write human) I don’t know I don’t know why I had I had to do I had to do, I had I had to do, I had to do I still love I still love you I hope I hope you do I hope you do, I…

By William Hollis January 24, 2020 0

Ghosts Of The Past – Thomas Was Alone

SiIvaGunner was alone. For the first time in a while, SiIva didn’t have an audience. Something had gone wrong. There was… a disturbance in the channel. Something had altered the memes. Grand Dad. Snow halation. They were gone. He knew he had to get them back. But how? This all seemed… impossible. Under his grey…

By William Hollis December 21, 2019 43

Do Vampires Exist? The Paranormal Mystery of Arnold Paole and the Flückinger Report | Documentary

During the early 18th century in Eastern Europe, the countryside was claimed to have been plagued by a disease that was infecting the local inhabitants, their food and ultimately their souls. The illness had the power to turn men into ravenous, bloodsucking creatures. These man-beasts slept in their graves during the day and rose at…

By William Hollis September 1, 2019 28