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“The Science Of Paranormal” (Part Four)

“Science Of Paranormal” (Part Four) Paranormal researchers’ determine what settings’ were used in order to make photos’ being analysed. Every time you take a digital photo, there is an awful lot of information in the photo. Information that can be used to recreate the photo, down to the settings that were used on the camera.…

By William Hollis November 8, 2019 0

Eli | Official Trailer | Netflix

Hey, I’m Hayley. I live down the road.I’m Eli. They say you’re what, like, allergic to the world, right? I guess you can say that.We looked everywhere for a doctor to help you.-You’re gonna get better. -Promise?Promise. -Hello, Eli. I’m Dr. Horn. -Hello.I hope you don’t think of this as a medical facility.To me, it’s…

By William Hollis November 4, 2019 100