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I’m a paranormal mess

(birds chirping) – Do you hear that? (birds chirping) The birds have a lot to say and I don’t have much to say at all. Oh my God okay so listen what I was planning to do. I’m sitting here, I was gonna film a video on this alien abduction, this is a really bad…

By William Hollis March 10, 2020 25

Digging Deep at Astley Green Colliery Museum – Part 1 | GD Flying Solo| S02 E01 | Free Documentary

– Hello, and welcome. Tonight we’re in a Lancashire town of Astley Green to investigate the alleged hauntings of Astley Green Colliery Museum. This is Ghost Dimension flying solo. – [Narrator] Coming up on Ghost Dimension. (sharp gasp) – No, thank you. – Hello? (distant clang) Woah. – That as something down there. Let’s see…

By William Hollis March 6, 2020 0

Top 5 Scary Haunted Waters Of The World

A lot of us enjoy swimming, especially a late night swim in clam waters at dusk as the moon illuminates the tranquil waters. However, some waters hold dark secrets, abandoned ships, and ghosts that lurk beneath the dark depths, waiting for unsuspecting swimmers to approach. So today on Top 5 Scary Videos, I’m going to…

By William Hollis March 3, 2020 0