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Amazing World of Ghosts 👽 Spirit World भूत प्रेतो की दुनिया World’s Most Mysterious Knowledge

Amazing world of Ghost Spirit world Anant: Paramshanti Bapuji! Today we would be covering a very interesting topic. I have been spending considerable amount of time in researching on such topics. I would have made videos on this long back, but I was doing research on spirit world. Today the topic would be “Ghost World…

By William Hollis November 15, 2019 100

“The Science Of Paranormal” (Part Four)

“Science Of Paranormal” (Part Four) Paranormal researchers’ determine what settings’ were used in order to make photos’ being analysed. Every time you take a digital photo, there is an awful lot of information in the photo. Information that can be used to recreate the photo, down to the settings that were used on the camera.…

By William Hollis November 8, 2019 0