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Top 10 Ghost Towns in America

what is going on everyone welcome back to the world according to Briggs I am Briggs and I kind of like my neighbor’s my old house I didn’t really like my neighbors but I like my neighbors do you hate your neighbors a study published by home comm showed that thirty percent of all Americans…

By William Hollis September 4, 2019 100

Mas Sajady | Dining with Ghosts | True PARANORMAL Ghost Stories | Haunted Mansions

For more information on my programs please visit MasSajady.com That’s MasSajady.com Hello, Mas Sajady here from the podcast Exponential Intelligence®. Here on our journey through the U.K., through the European countries and what we’ve got here, we stayed here last night. Quite interesting. This is another ghost story and quite a beautiful manor, very very…

By William Hollis September 3, 2019 1

Frammegården – Barnröster från andra sidan

Children’s voices from the other side. Paranormal investigation in haunted house. Frammegården is said to be one of Sweden’s most haunted houses. We did a paranormal investigation there. Listen to this one we captured on one of our cameras. Inexplicable children’s voices Replay: Unexplained children’s voices. There are many who say they have heard children’s…

By William Hollis August 29, 2019 0