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I’ve Joined UK Ghost Hunts

hi everyone thank you for joining me today I know I’ve been telling quite a few of you that I would be posting a video at some point in the future I’ve been saying this for about a year it’s just with the birth of my second child I’ve not really had much time to…

By William Hollis November 12, 2019 2

Pokemon Rusty: Ghost Tower

Alright! Pokémon Tower! I’ve heard this is the perfect place to catch Ghost Pokés. Sure is. This place is like insanely evil and haunted. Haha! JK. Just have fun. But be careful. You don’t want to become a Ghost Pokémon yourself. (laughing maniacally) It happens. Bye! U-Um. E-Excuse me. W-Would anyone mind being captured? You…

By William Hollis November 12, 2019 99

Haunted SKINWALKER CAVE in the desert

– [Cameraman] Oh my God. She’s back (people screaming) for another video, of course. Where are we now? – Skinwalker cave. – [Cameraman] Ooh, scary stuff. Who’s this, who’s this? Joey’s back again, Joey’s back again. We have another guest behind the door. Can you guess who he is? – [Joey] It’s a skinwalker. –…

By William Hollis November 10, 2019 84