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REAL Paranormal Activity Part 2

well welcome to part 2 of my paranormal investigation if you haven’t seen part 1 I suggest you watch that now I’ll put a link in the description it really sets the scene and shows what we’ve been doing here if you have watched part 1 you will know that I did not show Roberts…

By William Hollis August 17, 2019 0

Paranormal Encounters: A Haunting at The Crump

we’re at historic Crump Theatre in Bartow County Columbus Indiana tonight my cameraman Josh and Wesley will be inside investigating with me in this monthís saw his landmark and search is proof of existence of ghosts this claims of disembodied voices new residual sounds the former plays were performed here in countless apparitions of african-american…

By William Hollis August 16, 2019 100

5 Most UNEXPECTED PARANORMAL Events Caught On Camera!

Most encounters with the paranormal are unscripted, unprovoked, unnoticed, and unbelievable. Often times these experiences occur when we are alone, without a witness, leaving no evidence behind but stories to tell about the unknown. Sometimes, however, evidence is left behind that proves what happened. In this modern surveillance age, with wide availability of video recorders…

By William Hollis August 15, 2019 0