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Paranormal Videos: Dead Explorer Trailer!

I’m Alejandro. I search the world for paranormal activity. I am the Dead Explorer. I’ve caught unexplained evidence… (Disembodied Voice) “what the hell?”…scary experiences “Dude I feel pressure on my neck right now. Something’s choking me!” …and true ghost stories “They buried the people that were massacred and even in the 1900s flash floods were…

By William Hollis November 4, 2019 31

SCHOOL SPIRIT Chapter 2: Are You An Ally?

[examiner] Onyx, eyes down please. ♫ [eerie music] ♫ *clears throat* Can anyone tell me what infrasound is? Yes, Hazel? -Sound that is lower than 20 Hertz, which is beyond our human ability to hear Correct! And does anyone know what produces infrasound? [Hazel] Sometimes natural events like earthquakes and avalanches, and some animals use…

By William Hollis October 26, 2019 100