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10 Most Believable Ghost Stories

Mom, Dad, are ghosts real? Many have claimed to witness and experience haunting supernatural phenomena, things unexplainable in the world of logic and reason. Call it a myth, urban legend, or a ghost story, no matter what you call it, apparitions are reported all over the world. So let’s get started with our list, of…

By William Hollis March 8, 2020 12

Spirit Talking – Episode 1- Miawpukek First Nation / Conne River, NFLD

NARRATOR (SHAWN): Welcome to spirit talking.I’m Aboriginal medium Shawn Leonardand we’re in beautiful Newfoundlandvisiting Miawpukek First Nation also known as Conne River.Here I reconnect with my own familyas well as community members and loved ones in spirit,sharing stories and renewing relationships.SHAWN: I feel like she’s been praying for you,praying for your happiness, praying for joy.…

By William Hollis February 23, 2020 2


E. Moore Hall has stood on our campus for nearly a century. It’s named after Elizabeth Moore. She used to be the principal of Woodburn Female Seminary, which occupied the building before it became part of West Virginia University. What if she never left? Generations of students, faculty, and staff claim they’re witnessed Elizabeth continuing…

By William Hollis February 8, 2020 2