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Colorado Experience: Ghost Towns

There are more dead towns in Colorado than there are alive ones. There are hundreds of ghost towns– either preserved or undiscovered throughout Colorado. Prospectors went where the gold was, or the silver. And these weren’t places where towns were supposed to be. But it sure is beautiful, so you can’t blame them for wanting…

By William Hollis December 13, 2019 33

History vs. Cleopatra – Alex Gendler

“Order, order. So who do we have here?” “Your Honor, this is Cleopatra, the Egyptian queen whose lurid affairs destroyed two of Rome’s finest generals and brought the end of the Republic.” “Your Honor, this is Cleopatra, one of the most powerful women in history whose reign brought Egypt nearly 22 years of stability and…

By William Hollis December 4, 2019 100

The Red Ghost

[Music] welcome to another edition of Mysteries of the Superstition Mountains and today Marshall Tremble is going to tell us a ghost story all about the red ghost that haunted the Superstition Mountains Marshall tell us a ghost story I’ve heard about the legend of the red ghost just what exactly is that the story…

By William Hollis December 2, 2019 20