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Math se fait – Paranormal Activity

The sloven made their choice. It is the turn of… Get ready, this is going to be rough! Let’s see what you’re hiding… “It is… huge and impressive!” We’re talking of the camera! Calm down… “It’s a very big…” Shitty jokes starting right now! Here we follow Katie and Mika a young couple, looking perfectly…

By William Hollis August 9, 2019 100

Paranormal Cativity

Ooh, gotta go, it’s guys’ weekend. Now you’re recording this? Me packing? Yep, I’m documenting all the weirdness, and I want it on the record that I asked you not to go. Oh, okay. Right, right. I, John Bailey, of sound mind, do hereby swear that my lovely fiancee, Jane Pareira, pleaded with me not…

By William Hollis August 8, 2019 83