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The Making of Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter (2012)

SETH GRAHAME-SMITH: People say, “Oh, vampires are trendy,”but they’ve been trendy for me since I was about three years old.DOMINIC COOPER: It’s not like anything I’ve ever heard about, read or seen.BENJAMIN WALKER: It’s all geared to be extremely authentic.It’s so much fun. It’s guerrilla filmmaking at its best. MARY ELIZABETH WINSTEAD: You readitand you…

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South Park – Ghost Hunters

we’re now inside the house for the celebrity gossip is spotted o what was that was that well it might do that difficult gonzaga that’s because the air board is that what is that preserve after television all men are really scared arnold schwarzenegger banglore what is this what is this is not doesn’t flag…

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이 흉가에서만 귀신한테 두번째 속습니다.. 하.. / Micol is cheated by demon in haunted house! WHAT THE HECK! [ENG SUB]

DDoch cannot join due to personal reason, because of that, micol only will be in the video for a while. Who’s there..? Who are you there..? Hello? Can you tell me? Don’t mess with me, Don’t mess with me! Focus on the umbrella! Come on out, I’m telling you.. right? Micol suddenly getting upstair as…

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