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Linky Vampire Funny Moments

See they did that– they fucking did that– Vampire SUCCer Yeah, I bet the effect is gonna reflect the name. However the thing that I’m concerned about is that the-the reveal dates. December 25th, 2017. You know when this thing– oh, oh god. You know this thing well you know what this was revealed? December…

By William Hollis February 13, 2020 100

[CC/FULL] Ghost EP16 (1/3) | 유령

What are you talking about? Microphone bug? N-034723. A piece of wiretapping equipment belonging to your team. Inspector Kim has nothing to do with that microphone bug. I don’t know how that ended up in the Prosecutors’ Office. But it was me who used it. From today and until the investigation ends… the Cyber Investigation…

By William Hollis January 13, 2020 2