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10 Creepiest Things Caught on Dash Cam

– Dash cameras are intended for security for many drivers, a way to protect themselves if they get in an accident or worse. But as we’ve seen, these cameras will sometimes capture very unexpected things. And sometimes those things are extremely unsettling. (eerie music) (static hisses) (bell rings) (insects chirping) (apparition wails) (apparition moans) Here…

By William Hollis September 10, 2019 100

15 Mysterious Ghost Sightings Caught on Tape (#2)

Many personal reports of paranormal encounters start off as relatively mild at first, gradually becoming more intense until reaching the point of actual danger. In other words, flickering lights, running faucets, and missing items were often precursors to hauntings that, in these cases, became far more sinister. 15. “The Night Stalker”: This woman claims that…

By William Hollis September 4, 2019 100

12 Videos That Will Make You Jump

I have been getting a lot of requests to analyze jump scare videos, so I did my best to only include those that occurred naturally without special effects. So play along and leave a comment saying which ones got you the most. 12. A wild dog takes a piece of meat into the corner and…

By William Hollis September 1, 2019 0