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The Making of Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter (2012)

SETH GRAHAME-SMITH: People say, “Oh, vampires are trendy,”but they’ve been trendy for me since I was about three years old.DOMINIC COOPER: It’s not like anything I’ve ever heard about, read or seen.BENJAMIN WALKER: It’s all geared to be extremely authentic.It’s so much fun. It’s guerrilla filmmaking at its best. MARY ELIZABETH WINSTEAD: You readitand you…

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Making The (Super Smash Bros. 4) Announcer Saying: “Mario Spirit Team Battle” (+4 Extras)

Announcer: “Mario Spirit Team Battle!” (#1) Announcer: “Geese Super Boss Battle!” (#2) Announcer: “Mario Super Spirit Team Battle!” (#3) Announcer:「プリキュアシリーズ戦い ! 」 (“Pretty Cure Battle!”) (#4/SEMI-FINALE) Announcer: “Gabe Nwagbala Spirit Battle!” (#5/FINALE) Also, Happy Birthday Gabe Nwagbala. I’ll always be your friend, which also goes to SSB&AnimeCrossover and KirbyS4983. 🙂

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