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Why people believe weird things | Michael Shermer

I’m Michael Shermer, director of the Skeptics Society, publisher of “Skeptic” magazine. We investigate claims of the paranormal, pseudo-science, fringe groups and cults, and claims of all kinds between, science and pseudo-science and non-science and junk science, voodoo science, pathological science, bad science, non-science, and plain old non-sense. And unless you’ve been on Mars recently,…

By William Hollis September 1, 2019 100

REAL Paranormal Activity Part 2

well welcome to part 2 of my paranormal investigation if you haven’t seen part 1 I suggest you watch that now I’ll put a link in the description it really sets the scene and shows what we’ve been doing here if you have watched part 1 you will know that I did not show Roberts…

By William Hollis August 17, 2019 0