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Ronda Rousey makes short work of Dana Brooke: Raw Exclusive, March 19, 2018

[MUSIC] Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome Rowdy Ronda Rousey. [MUSIC]>>[LAUGH]>>[APPLAUSE]>>What’s up, Dallas?>>[APPLAUSE]>>[LAUGH] [SOUND]>>My. [MUSIC]>>Who do you think you are? You walk around here like you’re somebody. But let me tell you something, sister, you gotta start at the back of the line. I mean, who are you? And by my calculations, that ring has four…

By William Hollis January 18, 2020 100

Shinigami – Ghosts

I don’t wanna fucking die here Can’t watch the stars shine here I can’t lie in this bed (Yeah) Turning to a ghost Watch me go The curtains close I told you so I been flexing on my exes Don’t reply to no message They wanna get on guest list I guess I need to…

By William Hollis January 14, 2020 0

Starset – My Demons [Lyrics, HD, HQ]

[Verse 1] Mayday! Mayday! The ship is slowly sinking. They think I’m crazy, But they don’t know the feeling. They’re all around me, Circling like vultures. They wanna break me, And wash away my colors. Wash away my colors! [Chorus] Take me high and I’ll sing, Oh you make everything OK … We are one…

By William Hollis January 13, 2020 0