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Hello Holiday – A Horror Story

Good evening, everyone. Tonight’s story is called: Hello, Holiday. Hello, holiday! Should be no traffic along Epifanio delos Santos Avenue (EDSA) tonight. Just a few buses and jeeps around. Feels like a ghost town. Even the dreaded thieves and pickpockets that run rampant here are nowhere to be seen. Which is great because it means…

By William Hollis December 4, 2019 11

Vampires of Venus – Anthony Pelcher

Vampires of Venus by Anthony Pelcher It was as if someone had thrown a bomb into a Quaker meeting, when adventure suddenly began to crowd itself into the life of the studious and methodical Leslie Larner, professor of entomology. Fame had been his since early manhood, when he began to distinguish himself in several sciences,…

By William Hollis October 10, 2019 0