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Top 5 Most Haunted Places In Louisiana

Louisiana! Home to New Orleans Jazz, po-boys, Mardi Gras, and of course: plenty of ghosts! Oh yeah, we’re talking horn-playing, bead-wearing, bayou-stalking phantoms and waifs. Full of historic homes, legendary hotels, and plenty of plantations, there is no shortage of spectres floating around the Creole State. Lots of folks enjoy talking tours of the most…

By William Hollis February 6, 2020 56

The McElroys Go on a Ghost Tour

[Griffin] Who wants to start talking? [Justin] Hi, everybody. I’m… [Griffin laughs] Hi, everybody. My name is Justin McElroy. I’m Travis McElroy. – We don’t have to all introduce ourselves. – Just introduce yourself. – I’m Griffin McElroy. – This is my dad, Clint McElroy, and we’re gonna go on a ghost… No, this is……

By William Hollis October 24, 2019 100

TRUE Paranormal Activity!!

some call them ghosts others call them spirits potato potato regardless of their label some of these encounters have proven to be reassuring and positive those are not the ones we’re talking about today nope we’re talking about the bone-chilling spine-tingling goosebump producing tales stay tuned to number one to find out about a Civil…

By William Hollis August 10, 2019 6