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TV mystic Derek Acorah dies

TV mystic Derek Acorah dies aged 69. The TV mystic Derek Acorah has died aged 69, his wife has said. The self-styled spiritual medium, whose real name is Derek Johnson, appeared on Celebrity Big Brother in 2017 and launched the paranormal reality TV series Most Haunted in 2001. His wife, Gwen Acorah, shared the news…

By William Hollis January 7, 2020 0

EXCLUSIVE! Climate Change Protests – ‘#Emergency’ – New Musical Theatre Song | Spirit YPC

There’s no Planet B! There’s no Planet B! Ladies and gentlemen, I’ve got disturbing news. Concerning those in charge, the power they misuse. They speak in silence, thinking problems disappear. Sat on their lazy arses, fingers in their ears. And they’re repeating empty promises of ‘hope’. The future’s in a noose and they provide the…

By William Hollis December 31, 2019 89