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Vampire Reviews: Castlevania – Season 1

Good evening, I am the Maven of the Eventide and welcome to vampire reviews where I give you bits of vampire information sometimes eight sometimes sixteen depending on your platform let’s talk about the new Netflix Castlevania series for those of you who reside under rocks Castlevania is a classic video game franchise in which…

By William Hollis November 28, 2019 75

Vampire Reviews: Interview with the Vampire

(Organ music) (heavy stereotypical “vampire” accent) Good eeeevening. I am ze Maven of ze Eventide Velcome to Vampire Reviews… (coughing) …Reviews. (theme music) Tonight, we discuss Neil Jordan’s 1994 film “Interview with the Vampire.” Of all the tent poles in vampire cinema, I consider this film to be at the center of the apex of…

By William Hollis November 8, 2019 100

Vampire Reviews: Dracula Untold

Good mornink, and velcome back to Vampire Reviews. I am ze Maven of ze Eventide and last night, I saw Gary Shore’s first feature film, Dracula Untold. Why is it Dracula Untold? Well, because it’s the first time this story about Dracula has been told so they had to make a big deal out of…

By William Hollis September 8, 2019 78