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Crazy Demonic Possessions

You’d surely be quite shocked if you met up with a friend and asked him why he’s hasn’t been around for a while, and he responded that he had been possessed by a demon. But at one point in history, and still now, people might actually claim demonic possession. Some people might even start speaking…

By William Hollis November 2, 2019 100

Types of Demons

From a demon who will enter your head and falsely make you change all your beliefs to a demon that will possess your entire body and make you do nasty, really horrible things. Today on Facts Base we look at Types of Demons. As this video is based on different types of demons individually and…

By William Hollis October 30, 2019 100

Do Demons Exist?

Demon’s a word uttered from antiquity that denoted a vile agent of chaos emerging from the underbelly of the supernatural realm in the ancient labyrinthine network of evil that spans the myriad of mythologies in our planet’s eternal history well that’s pretty deep from the off right but the fact of the matter is we…

By William Hollis October 25, 2019 100