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Paranormal disturbance caught on live cam

ready? hmm you have been called downstairs ! why? for what? some issues with the electricity line,low voltage and stuff go and see what’s wrong wait,i will be back hey,check if there is a screwdriver on that shelf,bring it downstairs which shelf? it’s there, on the left side ohh,this one,wait god knows,what happens again and…

By William Hollis September 3, 2019 11


You got all your stuff? I hope so Ain’t leaving anything? I doubt it. Mom made me a list so you know What’s the camera for? Mom forced me. You know my mom. She wanted to see everything Really, Dude? Really? Maybe it could be useful Yes, of course. No, camera is good. -Where are…

By William Hollis September 2, 2019 2