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Armenian Haunting (2018 Movie Trailer – Paranormal)

(ominous music) – Grandma, tell me about your tattoos. Today is April 24th, 2015. The hundredth anniversary of the Armenian genocide. (growling and snarling) (frightened breathing) (horrified screaming) Something terrible happened today. (Tatik speaking Armenian) – Tatik? What curse? (ragged breathing) (slicing and stabbing sounds) I have to stop this. (low growling) (frightened breathing and…

By William Hollis January 5, 2020 4

The Haunted Antiques Paranormal Research Centre – Paradox Prodigy – Episode 1- The Man in The Mirror

My name is Sadie Forth I am a solo independent paranormal investigator with many experiences of ghostly sightings and activity both at home and in the field of paranormal investigation I have been intrigued with finding evidence to support ghost sightings and paranormal activity since witnessing this phenomenon first hand, many times over in each…

By William Hollis January 3, 2020 3