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Floating City DEBUNK

Greetings children, Captain Disillusion here and uh… …well… …I’m out of ideas. I’ve sat here and debunked just about every type of fake viral video there is. And I need new challenges… So bring it on! Post requests on my Facebook, tweet links at my Twitter… …lay qwertys on my slackwave– Ah! Here we go!…

By William Hollis August 7, 2019 100

GHOST Caught on Camera & Paranormal Activity at Haunted Asylum S5:Ep2

Claire: Stop! STOP! STOP! STOP! STOPSTOP! Claire: AHHHHHH!!! STOOOOPPP! STOP YOU’RE GONNA KILL HIM! Claire: STOP! Branson: Claire! Claire: STOOOPPP! Branson: Claire! Claire! Claire: *screaming* Branson: Hey, Claire! Claire! Claire, wake up! You’re dreamin. You’re dreamin. Hey-Lo. Hello. Hello. Wakey-Wakey. Branson: Hi. How are you? Branson: You’re having a nightmare. Claire: Oh my god. Branson:…

By William Hollis August 7, 2019 64