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THE SPIRIT LEVEL (short film)

(musical intro – santo and Johnny) YOU’RE ON! Okay, umm hello, I here today to tell you about this book the spirit level which pretty much explains umm everything! The whole shebang Start to finish Why we feel miserable why we buy stuff we don’t need why we eat too much drink too much hurt…

By William Hollis September 11, 2019 43

Breaking up big tech | IN 60 SECONDS

Democrats and Republicans alike have jumped on the “break ’em up” bandwagon, embracing antitrust solutions to rein in the behavior of technology giants. These would-be trust-busters claim that Big Tech companies like Google, Amazon, and Facebook crush startups and shut out innovation. But do these activists need a reality check? For instance, Amazon controls just…

By William Hollis August 15, 2019 10