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Real Poltergeist Caught On Camera. Poltergeist Activity In My House.

Do it again (Ghostly knocking) (Crash from behind) (Ghostly knocking) Hello? (Ghostly knocking) Hello? (Ghostly knocking) Hello? (Loud crash) (Ghostly knocking) Who’s here? (Ghostly knocking) Who’s there? (Ghostly knocking) Hello? Hello? (Ghostly knock) (Ghostly knock) (Ghostly knock) Hello? (Unexplained crashing noise) (Fearful heavy breathing)>>DEMONIC VOICE: Get out (Loud, frightening crash) (Ghostly knocking) (Heavy breathing) (Ghostly…

By William Hollis December 11, 2019 100

Paranormal Activity explained

if you go down to the woods today I need me so today we’re gonna cover Paranormal Activity and I’ve picked a great scene for you here in the forest again so let’s get this on the right [Music] so paranormal what today it’s it’s actually also deal with fear it’s the way that we…

By William Hollis August 29, 2019 21