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Real Poltergeist Caught On Camera. Poltergeist Activity In My House.

Do it again (Ghostly knocking) (Crash from behind) (Ghostly knocking) Hello? (Ghostly knocking) Hello? (Ghostly knocking) Hello? (Loud crash) (Ghostly knocking) Who’s here? (Ghostly knocking) Who’s there? (Ghostly knocking) Hello? Hello? (Ghostly knock) (Ghostly knock) (Ghostly knock) Hello? (Unexplained crashing noise) (Fearful heavy breathing)>>DEMONIC VOICE: Get out (Loud, frightening crash) (Ghostly knocking) (Heavy breathing) (Ghostly…

By William Hollis December 11, 2019 100


“THE GHOST CHILD” I am calm – the underground are here – Yes. Oh yeah. this is where we did the GhostArk The camera is out of focus. I really have a strange feeling Listen to me a moment before crossing this door. Trust your thoughts Not what comes to your mind, what you think.…

By William Hollis November 27, 2019 59


“THE GHOST CHILD” Is it right from this direction? There is a smell of gasoline – Diesel – Strong diesel! The camera does not focus. Are we coming from the right side? look at k2 Only yours! However this structure, It has walls, the peculiarity it has The very high ceiling it almost looks like…

By William Hollis November 22, 2019 68