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Is MoMA haunted? | GHOST STORIES

What we’re speaking about is not something that’s actually tangible. My personal experience with it was when I first arrived at MoMA years ago. It’s been more than two handfuls of years. When I first arrived, I had heard of the stories of the MoMA ghost if you will. MoMA being as old as it…

By William Hollis September 15, 2019 9

The 7 Creepiest REAL Ghost Photos of All Time

HYBRID LIBRARIAN Presenta… LAS 7 FOTOGRAFÍAS REALES DE FANTASMAS MÁS TERRORÍFICAS La mayoría de las fotografías de fantasmas son fácilmente descartadas por expertos, pero algunas los han asombrado por años… EL ESPECTRO DEL AYUNTAMIENTO DE ST. MARY’S El ayuntamiento de St. Mary’s es un edificio del S. XIV en Coventry, Reino Unido, que antes fue…

By William Hollis September 8, 2019 100

Paranormal disturbance caught on live cam

ready? hmm you have been called downstairs ! why? for what? some issues with the electricity line,low voltage and stuff go and see what’s wrong wait,i will be back hey,check if there is a screwdriver on that shelf,bring it downstairs which shelf? it’s there, on the left side ohh,this one,wait god knows,what happens again and…

By William Hollis September 3, 2019 11