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Top 10 CREEPY Cases of Violent GHOSTS

10 Creepy Cases of Violent Poltergeists and Ghosts 10. The Colosimo Family Haunting1 In the summer of 1986, the Colosimo family moved into a house in Spotsylvania, Virginia. Shortly after moving in, they noticed that their young daughter’s bedroom had an unusually cold draft and nothing they did could fix it. A neighbor of the…

By William Hollis February 1, 2020 100

“The Science of Paranormal” (Part Two)

“The Science of Paranormal” (Part Two) The Family moved into the farmhouse, when Andrea was twelve and her youngest sister April was five. They moved in on January the eleventh, of nineteen seventy-one. The house was occupied before, by a man named Earl Kenyan. According to Andrea Perron, the family had visited the farmhouse, previous…

By William Hollis November 15, 2019 0